How to Access The Deep Web?

How to access the Deep Web

Know Deep Web?

DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) is the Department of Defense in the United States in February 2015 reveal about the Memex, a search engine that is intended to track illegal websites or Dark Web. However, the latest news about the program currently unknown. Deep Web or Dark Web is part of the World Wide Web, but it is not indexed by standard search engines. To be able to browse the Deep Web, the necessary tools or special browser application installed on the user’s PC.

How to access the Deep Web
Deep Web

According to Wikipedia, although many websites on the Deep Web is considered harmless, but some attorneys and government agencies worry that the Deep Web to be a haven for the perpetrators of the crime. Because of its hidden or anonymous, it is difficult to measure and track how big the Deep Web. Deep Web is the information hidden and locked in the database.

As we discussed earlier in the article entitled Content Available in Deep Web, but other than that it turns deep web also contains a variety of sites that could be considered unusual, such as sites selling or buying drugs normally prohibited, services for people who are willing to pay to end the lives of others, there are also human beings who also traded and there is even a web page esek prohibited. Uniquely buying and selling on the Deep Web sites using the currency Bitcoin, most websites using the web deep .onion instead of .com domain.

According to the myth of deep web, there are sections of very deep, so it needs a special way and only certain people who can access it, the deepest content is called Mariana’s Web (mariana trench, the deepest point of the Earth). While the content of websites mariana trench he says is data that most secret of mankind in this world.

Deep Web is a world that is very dangerous for those who do not quite understand about the ins and outs of the virtual world. There’s a lot of danger stalking you, if any of the steps then your data can be stolen in a short time. Well, here are some safe way to enter the world of Deep Web. But this way is not really safe if you are not careful in using it. And here is how to access or enter the gates of the Deep Web.

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How to Access Deep Web?

How to access the Deep Web
Tor Browser

TOR (The Onion Router) is a browser such as Google Chrome and Firefox or Bing, but he has the ability smarter than the browser, especially in terms of access to information that can not be found through search engines such as Google, Bing or others. TOR could be called as VPN software that allows us to access the Internet anonymously. Because in the deep web a lot of hackers that could threaten the security of surf, the TOR can protect you from it.

When you run the original connection TOR users will be redirected to the network belonging to the TOR. The network is encrypted so it can not be detected by any party either of ISPs and websites visited. To download TOR browser, please follow this link

When finished downloading, install TOR Browser to finish and then start TOR Browser. Congratulations, you can access the Deep Web with a secure world. But before proceeding, you should read the following tips:

  • We recommend adding a proxy or VPN to make it more secure.
  • Do not login to any sites for browsing on the Deep Web.
  • Show is always an indicator of internet traffic, wary of suspicious traffic.
  • After browsing, clear history, cache and temp folder of the computer.
  • Do not store passwords in the browser.
  • Do not download anything on Deep Web using IDM.
  • Always use block POP-UP.
  • Be careful !!

Survived diving in the dark world internet.

How to Access The Deep Web?
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