What is Deep Web?

what is deep web

“Internet” we know today is actually analogous akin to an iceberg in the middle of the deep sea. At the top of the iceberg usually looks small, but it actually has a very large body underneath.¬†Perhaps that analogy to describe how a person when he was in front of the computer to surf the internet. People only know what is above (surface web), probably because that activity called internet surfing (surf above sea level), but many people can not access freely all the information is deeper, at the base of the internet (deep web).

what is deep web
Deep Sea

By using the internet every day, does not mean we are already proficient and know the ins and outs of the Internet world well. Maybe we only know the “surface” internet only. For them the world of internet who knows? The inside of the world of the Internet commonly known as the deep web. If all this we only know the world of internet browsing activity normal, the deep web can not be accessed by browsing way we used to do. Because true deep web holds many mysteries that can not be accessed by everyone.

Deep Web or some say too dark web is part of the World Wide Web (WWW) but does not appear in standard search engine such as Google, so it’s hard to find. To perform a search into the deep web, someone needs special tools or browser application installed on the user’s computer.¬†Deep Web so far also known as the darknet, Deepnet, Invisible Web or Hidden Web, Undernet.

The ordinary Internet users from around the world reported only very few can access Internet content, which is only 0.03 percent of all on the Internet with standard search engines that exist today, such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, according Sickchirpse as reported the pages of The Guardian. Deep Web contains black world of the Internet is generally accessed by Internet users anonymous unnoticed layman.

As mentioned earlier that the deep web can not be accessed with a standard browser commonly used by people like Google Chrome or Firefox. However, in order to access the deep web needed a special Deep Web browser application.

At this time, if someone tries to write keyword deep web search engine Google with a standard browser, then the emerging results of these searches are mostly illustrations deep web like an iceberg. Where the analogy is an iceberg illustrates how deep the web has its own class, which is located very hidden, or do not appear on the surface.

About Deep Web

The term deep web was first popularized by Mike Bergman, founder BrightPlanet. Since 2001, deep web is known to have the content and information that are more numerous than the surface web. The term web surface and deep web is used to analogize the Internet world as a whole.

As it turns out the internet world that every day we are just part of the surface access. There are lots of content that probably will not ever know when surfing the Internet.

Why There is Deep Web?

Deep Web contains information that is not indexed in a search engine is standard in the Internet world such as Google, Yahoo or Bing. It is estimated that the amount of content contained in the deep web has a percentage as much as 96% of the total Internet content. This amount is very large compared to the surface the content we access the web normally.

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Anything That’s In the Deep Web?

Most of the content in the deep web form database research conducted by research institutions, government and private research. Most other content consists of pornographic content, illegal content created by hackers, government confidential documents and various other extreme content that can not be detected by the sensor or in a regular search engine.

There’s even a human sales site and the site of research involving human beings as objects. Finding content in such extreme exploitation of children as sex objects, buying and selling drugs, mercenary services and the black market is not difficult to find in the deep web. In essence, deep web world is very extensive and contains many harmful contents.

Amazon commonly known to us as a trading site, apparently in deep web there are also buying and selling site, but most are forbidden. The transaction was mostly driven by people who peddle illegal goods or ‘black market’, even mentioned that the price of the iPhone 6 in the deep web is only half of the original price. While there are websites hidden numbers quite a lot, including The Hidden Wiki or Silk Road. The website is in deep web usually have a domain name that is quite difficult to remember, for example, http://kpvz7ki2v5agwt35.onion – The Hidden Wiki. Here are some screenshots of websites are there in the deep web.

what is deep web
Anonymous Market

Really Deep Web Harmful?

Deep Web is very dangerous for ordinary Internet users in the world. There are many hackers or parties that can detect the presence of us easily when we entered the deep web. The interests of what makes us deep accessing the web?

If we do carelessness when opening the deep web, is not impossible that the hackers will unveil our identity even steal the information we have. Deep web has greater information 400 to 500 times that of a normal web, with information capacity reach 7,500 TB. Nearly 95% of the content in the deep web can be accessed without registration. To register or login in the deep web will only facilitate hackers stalking us.

What to do When Opening Deep Web?

Actually deep web is not a source of information that should be accessed. But if we already access the deep web, we need to do is to be careful with everything that exists in the deep web.

Try not to download anything or enter any information in the deep web. Just to see the content in the wild in the deep web might not be a problem, but let us not get involved too much in the world of deep web.

Do not forget to remove any history and cache after accessing the deep web that our personal information is not easily traced by hackers or other hackers actors. Let’s not accessing the web because deep “trough” is indeed too dangerous to dive. Surfing the “surface of the internet” is sufficient to provide additional benefits and knowledge to our lives.

Make it just deep web as a knowledge base that made us know the world of the Internet as a whole. Because if you do not access this web professionally, and eventually you will lose.

What is Deep Web?
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