Jetpack error

Troubleshooting Jetpack Error and Could not Connect to

Troubleshooting Jetpack Error and Could not Connect to At one time I have problems about Troubleshooting Jetpack Error and Could not Connect to, there was a problem and there is an inscription “Jetpack site inaccessible 403 error with XML-RPC.php” when will enable it to connect to The […]

How to Increase the speed at wordpress

How to Increase The Speed at WordPress

The website is a service for visitors, visitors come to look for something that is on your website, but if your site is slow very slow even then automatically visitor will feel annoyed and immediately go and look for another website. And another important thing why a website should have […]

What is Malware CryptoPHP?

What is Malware CryptoPHP?

Hi, here I will explain about a malware. opps quiet, I am here not to explain the malware on the computer but on a wordpress plugin, what is it and how do I clean it? CryptoPHP is a malware that can force a server as spamming and other illegal acts […]

the beginning of the wordpress platform

The Story of The Founder WordPress

For those of you who claim to bloggers course, already familiar with the name of WordPress. Blogging platform that was first developed only from the simple idea that has now become one of the giants of the world internet. And do you know, at the beginning of the development of […]

Best wordpress plugins for beginners

Best WordPress Plugins for Beginners

On this occasion I would recommend some of the best wordpress plugins self-hosting, to add strength to our wordpress blog SEO definitely need SEO plugin, which is where the role of this plugin helps us for seo optimization. one of them with SEO plugins that I share the following, you […]