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10 Action Malicious Hackers on The Internet

Crimes by the method of visiting the bank in person and pointing a weapon appears to have been abandoned and left in the film only. The security system company or bank increasingly stringent and sophisticated make bank burglary attempt be an impossible thing to do or fraught with risks. However, […]

How to Care For Laptop Batteries for The Long Term

Hello, since my schedule is not so busy, I will be taking a tips for you, perhaps you already know these tips before, but I’ll try to review it again. For those of you who have a laptop of course taking care of laptop components depends on your own, how […]

Getting to Know The History of Linux, Operating, And Understanding

What is Linux? At this time I will share about What is Linux? You you long to recognize the computer must know what is Linux? First of all what is the operating system? The operating system is a software or software which controls the hardware or hardware. The operating system […]

How to Make a Free Website in Joomla

On this occasion I will give a short review of how to make a free website at For my friend who want to experience the features and learn joomla, there is now a fast and easy way to create a website Joomla without having to use a domain and […]

Check Your Computer From Malware

Virus attacks and malware is now able to enter a variety of ways. Many computer users have installed antivirus, and feel safe. There is a difference of handling and antivirus and malware products. Some manufacturers equip antivirus with anti-malware features, of course, offered a little more expensive. But some manufacturers […]