About The Tour de Singkarak International And Natural Beauty

Tour de Singkarak is a road bicycle racing event held at the international level West Sumatra most watched and most festive. Although the 6-year-old, this activity is expected to spur development of local infrastructure and open access to markets and investment area. Tour de Singkarak aims to introduce the natural beauty and cultural arts in West Sumatra to foreign tourists. Schedule blend of sports and tourism will follow the changes listed officially at the UCI Road Calendar Asian Tour.

Panoramic Beauty of The Lake

Bicycle race held in Singkarak deserved. Therefore, the stunning beauty of the area of national and international travelers. Lake Singkarak which has an area of 107.8 m2 is the second largest lake after Lake Toba in Sumatra Island. The lake is located at an altitude of 36.5 meters above sea level is located in two districts in West Sumatra province, the District of Solok and Tanah Datar.

Fly Over Bridge 9 West Sumatera in Events Tour de Singkarak
Tour de Singkarak

Travelers can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the lake from several points, namely in the Region Kacang, Paninggahan, Malalo and Pitalah. However, most of the lake water is flowed through the tunnels, penetrating Bukit Barisan to Batang Anai to drive a generator hydropower Singkarak near Lubuk Alung, Padang Pariaman district.

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Lake Singkarak is located at the geographic location coordinates of 0, 36 degrees south latitude (LS) and 100.3 east longitude (BT) with a height of 363.5 meters above sea level (masl). Water surface area of Lake Singkarak reach 11,200 ha with a maximum length of 20 km and a width of 6.5 km and a depth of 268 meters. The lake has an area of 1,076 km of water flow along with rainfall of up to 252 melimeter 82 per month.

event tour de singkarak
Tour de Singkarak

An important historical relics believed to be related to the history of the Minangkabau and Pagaruyung submerged in Lake Singkarak. There were no reports of research effort with a dive since this information was opened in 1970. Research Team Data Collection History Minangkabau chaired Hasan Basri report in the seminar “The History and Culture of Minangkabau” in Batusanggkar, in August 1970. The team that collects various information about Minangkabau and Pagaruyung get their story Basurek stones (inscribed stone) in Batu Baraguang, Sumpur, the edge of Lake Singkarak. However, the stone had already set a few meters into the lake.

Tour de Singkarak Internasional
Tour de Singkarak

Under the ‘Basurek’ stones are ‘Batu bajanjang’ (stone staircase), which fell into the lake and in the middle of the lake stairs protrude upward and down again around 1 km and up again to the far shore Jorong Sumpur angle. in addition to its natural beauty, bike racing is able to attract considerable attention in Indonesia. Here are five facts about the Tour de Singkarak:

  • Tour de Singkarak is a road bicycle race was held in West Sumatra. As the name implies, Singkarak, the largest lake in West Sumatra where the riders will pass the track on this lake.
  • Tour de Singkarak included in the website UCI (International Cycling Union) so that the agenda of the world accounted for the rider.
  • Tour de Singkarak first held in 2009. Until now, this race has been held for 6 times.
  • Tour de Singkarak 2011 prize of Rp 750 million. The competition is followed by 234 riders belonging to 15 international teams and 11 national teams.
  • Tour de Singkarak consists of 7 stages that pass through 12 districts and cities in West Sumatra. This bike race is 739.3 km, and the event is very festive, I also understand the original Singkarak, every year I do not forget this event. Maybe that’s all that I can write, if you are interested please do not forget to see more beauty in western Sumatra, have a nice day.
About The Tour de Singkarak International And Natural Beauty
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