DDoS IP Website or Server With Script Hulk.py on Kali Linux

ddos on kali linux

Ddos IP Website or Server With Script Hulk.py in Linux

In this tutorial I will give you about DDoS IP Website or Server With Script Hulk.py, DDoS is an attack that is launched or flooding the network so that the server runs out of resources, many ways to DDoS a website or another, but here I will give you a tool, which in just a few minutes of your target into error , for those who are often in the linux world would already know about the powerful tools in linux.

Warning: This is only for educational learning, please try to your own system, I will not be responsible for this.

I will give hulk.py script, derived from python. Python is famous for its language simple but high level. An implementation of the C language.

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OK, here are the steps:

  • Python version 3 or higher.
  • First download the script here.
  • After you download, change permissions, right-click, select Properties, on the permission, check the execute.
Ddos IP on kali linux
Change Permission
  • Because I put the script on the folder github, so type in the terminal.
Tools Ddos IP or Server
Github Folder
ddos with script hulk.py
Terminal in Linux
cd github
  • or you have finished downloading, type in the terminal.
cd Downloads
  • then type the following command in your linux terminal.
ddos with hulk.py
Terminal in Linux
python hulk.py http://www.namedomain.com
  • Replace “namedomain.com” became the target url of your website, and then press enter.
  • If you see “Response Code 500” signifies the script runs successfully.
  • Here I open a 3 terminal, so that the script is running smoothly, your network is expected to be quick.
ddos ip on kali linux
Running Ddos
  • Wait a few minutes and sit quietly, and see the results.
Ddos IP Website on kali linux
Ddos with script hulk.py

This only applies to IP Website “http” not “https”. The article is just for learning education, if you are confused, please comment or join in forums asepms.com, thanks.

DDoS IP Website or Server With Script Hulk.py on Kali Linux
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