How Easy Hacking Wifi WPA WEP using Wifite in Kali Linux

Scanning Wifi via Wifite

How Easy Hacking Wifi WPA WEP using Wifite in Kali Linux

This time i will write about How Easy Hacking Wifi WPA WEP using Wifite in Kali Linux. Wifite is a means of attack (WEP and WPA).

About Wifite

Wifite pentesting designed for use with Linux distributions, such as Kali Linux, Pentoo, BackBox, Blackarch and others. Any Linux distribution with Wi-Fi driver. In the version of the Gnome Linux Kali, wifite already installed. You can also install Wifite in Ubuntu or other distributions not pentesting. To facilitate installation Wifite in Ubuntu, I recommend using Katoolin or Lalin. Caution before use wifite you will need to stop the service network manager.

To start Wifite simply type “wifite” in the terminal after running Wifite, we can see that wifite have enabled network interface to the monitor mode (using airmon-ng) and start looking for clients. And will begin to display the list of connections.

Scanning Wifi via Wifite

Note that as mentioned in the list of its features (automatically de-authenticates clients of networks to reveal hidden SSIDs), Wifite will also display a list of hidden connections. Therefore, wifite also be used to find hidden access points. In this case we will strike a connection with BSSID 00: 26: 75: 02: EF: 65. Access point has a simple WEP password 1234567890 and is in the number 1.

Wifite in Kali Linux
Scanning Wifi via Wifite in Kali Linux

To start a connection to hack, press Ctrl + C. If you have had enough have scanned all of the existing network. Wifite will ask you to select target number from the list of available target, in this tutorial select 1. Note: that if you press Ctrl + C again, it will be to stop Wifite.

(See also: Install penetrations tools with katoolin)

You can now see that Wifite will start trying to hack WEP connections using different techniques for cracking WEP encryption.

Tools hacking Kali Linux
Sanning Wifi via Wifite in Kali Linux

As you can see, Wifite have managed to find a WEP connection password. Wifite is a very useful tool to hack Wi-Fi networks. As I mentioned earlier, you should have a complementary tool in your system as airmon-ng, aireplay-ng, airodump-ng, Aircrack-ng is already installed on your system

Hacking wifi via wifite
Sanning Wifi via Wifite in Kali LInux


Wifite only applies to WEP or WPA, if you are trying to pave the way WPA2 may be different again,so use it wisely

Attention: This article is only for educational purposes. I am not responsible for anything. Please test this method on your own and avoid system for criminal purposes! and Enjoy it.

How Easy Hacking Wifi WPA WEP using Wifite in Kali Linux
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