Difference Between Synaptic VS Software Center

Difference Between Synaptic VS Software Center

Difference Between Synaptic VS Software Center

At this time I will write about Difference Between Synaptic VS Software Center. Ubuntu is one of the many Linux-based operating system. Its growth is so fast. Unmitigated Released twice a year, with the code 04 for release April and 10 for release in October. Currently, the latest version is the version 17.04, 16.04 version in the stable. Of course the difference between the previous Ubuntu the first time I wear with Ubuntu now. Lots of changes both in terms of looks to its features.

Of the many changes in Ubuntu, sometimes I prefer to wear longer than the features of the new features. Maybe not only me who think like that. One of them is the Ubuntu Software Center. Here the comparison with Synaptic Package Manager

Ubuntu Software Center

Ubuntu software center is an application that contains a list of applications that can be installed on Ubuntu. So you do not need to look at the website to get Ubuntu applications. Even so, sometimes the applications in the Ubuntu Software Center there is an application that has not been updated. Applications in Ubuntu Software Center is not overly update on applications that are not built in the time of installation. So you need a PPA of certain software to continuously update.

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In appearance Ubuntu Software center more attractive than its predecessor the Synaptic Package Manager. Because it is equipped with the software and ease of navigation icon based on the type of software. Also equipped paid software as well, so that we can directly buy applications and content using the Ubuntu Software Center.

With a better GUI, we can easily search for software by category. Unlike its predecessor that is less user friendly for search software, especially for new users. Are strongly advised not to install a lot of software using the Ubuntu Software Center, the more the waiting list in the install process will make this application freez and not responding. It could be that the installation is not completed makes us to do the reinstall package for an application that is installed is damaged.

In addition, the Ubuntu Software Center also replace the function GDebi Package Installer. An application that is useful for installing software that uses the ubuntu * .deb format. With a double click on the deb file format, by default Ubuntu Software Center will execute the load time is quite long.

Synaptic Package Manager

Is the predecessor of the Ubuntu Software Center application less attractive. Contains a list of applications in the form of text without any application icon images, but it is also a lot of scattered libraries as we search for an application. It’s enough to make me confused when first using Ubuntu 16.04

Over time and increasingly sophisticated technology, I am more interested in the Synaptic Package Manager, as it contains a complete library than in the Ubuntu Software Center. Not infrequently I find an application that is worth trying. such as tools for hacking in linux was also there. Unlike the Ubuntu Software Center that often hangs / slow when installing many applications. With synaptic package manager I never had any time to install a lot of software at once. If you are interested in the Synaptic Package Manager, please type this command in your terminal

~$ sudo apt-get install synaptic

after finished installing, you can search on your computer, or press the “Win” will open a search box, if you are confused, just type the command in the terminal “synaptic” I prefer synaptic for a more complete, stable and always updates from the developer.


With this article, you may already be able to understand the difference between synaptic and the Ubuntu Software Center, both are equally powerful, I prefer synaptic where the tools are more user friendly and perfect the library, while ubuntu software center more attractive to the GUI display, and it’s up to what you want to select, may be useful.

Difference Between Synaptic VS Software Center
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