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Singkarak West Sumatera

Myths About The Beauty of Singkarak Lake

Lake Singkarak located in Solok West Sumatra Province is the second largest lake after Lake Toba in Sumatra Island. This lake has an area of 107.8 m2 and is located at an altitude of 36.5 meters above sea level, located in two districts Solok and Tanah Datar. According to the […]

Some of The Most Beautiful Tourist Spots in Indonesia

Indonesia is a beautiful country. All the people who live in it also must know, but whether you know if from the east end to the west Indonesia is full of extreme natural beauty. The whole beauty of it is not only amaze us but also people from around the […]

Overclock is an Effective Way to Improve Computer Performance

Said overclock may be a foreign language for a beginner who is interested in the field of hardware. But for those who have advanced the field of hardware, the word is a word used raw and in their daily lives.¬†Language overclock composed of two words is over and the clock […]

Traditional Musical Instruments Western Sumatra Minangkabau

Minangkabau realm not only rich in natural beauty there is the culinary delights but also artistic. One such property in the form of Minangkabau traditional musical instrument, the instrument is still used today. Actually there are many traditional tools Minangkabau, but this time we only deliver 8 of them, they […]

Getting to Know What Extensions Joomla 1.5.x

In a website, the availability of the facility to download articles¬†and news are often used by visitors to get more complete information. Sometimes the facility is set based on the user (public or registered). If a user registered as a member, it can download more information. This is what distinguishes […]