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Difference And Comparison Windows And Linux

There are many similarities and there are also many differences between Linux and Windows. This article discusses the differences between Windows and Linux, each course has a plus minus, kindly than his own. User Interface (UI) In Windows, you do not have a lot of user interface options. For example, […]

The Difference Xml And Html

XML (eXtended / Extensible Markup Language) is a markup language that is used to store data (no program) and does not depend on specific tools (such as editors, dbms, compilers, etc.). If so, then used for what this XML document? XML is a markup language. Ie containing markup language code […]

The Introduction of OpenSolaris

OpenSolaris is an open source version of Sun’s Solaris operating system, but OpenSolaris consists of more than code that not only the core operating system for example, the source for the installer, desktop, software layer as the Open High Availability Cluster, documentation, test frameworks, and many others. OpenSolaris consists of […]

Kelok 9 Bridge West Sumatera

Know About the Beautifull Kelok 9 Bridge West Sumatra

Know About the Beautifull Kelok 9 Bridge West Sumatra This time I will explain the beauty Kelok 9 Bridge West Sumatera.┬ábefore I will discuss about the beauty of western Sumatra, precisely in Indonesia. Review About Kelok 9 West Sumatera West Sumatera is known as one of the best tourist destinations […]

Fruit For Women

Female Libido Based Like to Eating Fruit

For those of you men do not underestimate women who tend to favor one type of fruit. Because behind it there is a secret that is stored in it, you like fruit? how your partner (female)? it turns the fruit can determine the character of a woman in love. Believe […]