Female Libido Based Like to Eating Fruit

Fruit For Women

For those of you men do not underestimate women who tend to favor one type of fruit. Because behind it there is a secret that is stored in it, you like fruit? how your partner (female)? it turns the fruit can determine the character of a woman in love. Believe it or not, maybe this could be your reference to judge the character of a couple of his favorite pieces, a woman who likes to eat bananas have a high sexual desire, really?

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1.Banana, a woman who likes to eat bananas can be categorized as a large sexual desire, household without sex. the man’s wife, who has this type should maintain his stamina because no day that passes without the romance though, is it true favorite fruit can describe the woman’s sexual character.

2.Apple, a woman who likes to eat apples, very fond of keeping the body and sexual organs. Rare man who can turn away from it.

3.Watermelon, a woman who likes to eat watermelon is a closed type, taboo for him to talk about sexual intercourse in public thinks it’s something very personal. Not a bad thing, you did not need to be nervous, therefore, if the idea moves to conquer it, then he will certainly get warm and at the same time very great service.

4.Eggplant, the romance though, this type of woman is very cold, even frigid, you as a man to be really skilled to be able to inflame sexual desire, women face this kind, it takes patience, tenderness and seduction death.

5.Bengkoang, the kind of woman like this has a very smooth skin and sparkling white, he is very slick in keeping his face, on the one hand she is the type of woman who is very closed in sexual matters, his passion was mediocre.

6.Papaya, women who love to eat papaya, usually the body will flourish, and somewhat lazy maintain the harmony of his body, hm..seems you have to motivate him to always look beautiful and maintain their weight! woow.

7.Orange, even though the words are often nyelekit and curt, women of this type have a very large appetite, if you have captured his heart, and is able to arouse sexual desire, he will bow the knee, like this woman is very happy with the game all over his tongue sweep body.

8.Durian, although this type of woman glance seem harsh and indifferent, even sometimes seem difficult to approach, but he is very romantic in matters of sex, if only you as a man is able to conquer it.

9.Coconut young, princess type palace, because her feelings very sensitive, as a couple you have to be extra careful in keeping his feelings, other than that his heart is very small, timid and passive, but if there was a man who had conquered this woman, it can be ascertained he would get the services blend sexual touching and tender.

10.Jackfruit, be careful with this type of woman, a man fell into his arms, then certainly it would be difficult to be separated from him, his charm has adhesive power as a very remarkable, he is the type of woman conquering men, though sometimes face normal , but which can make a man to his knees is a sexual game that is very unusual,┬ámaybe it’s just a glimpse of my knowledge that I want to share to friends, waiting for the next article of mine, a warm greeting.

Female Libido Based Like to Eating Fruit
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